Ham Radio Transceivers
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Graphical Ham Transceiver Interface Software


A simple and easy to use graphical transceiver interface.

  Comes with drivers for these radios: 


FT-100 FT-736 FT-747 FT-757GX FT-817 FT-847 FT-857 FT-890 FT-897 FT-900 FT-920 FT-990 FT-1000D FT-1000MP


TS-50 TS-140 TS-440 TS-450 TS-480 TS-570 TS-680 TS-690 TS-711 TS-790 TS-811 TS-850 TS-870S TS-930 TS-940 TS-950 TS-2000


IC-78 IC-271 IC-275 IC-471 IC-475 IC-703 IC-706 IC-707 IC-718 IC-725 IC-726 IC-728 IC-735 IC-736 IC-737

IC-746 IC-751IC-756 IC-761IC-765 IC-775 IC-781 IC-821H IC-7910 IC-970 IC-7000 IC-78000

  Also includes drivers for: 

Alinco Drake FlexRadio JRC TenTec Uniden  and many more!

This simple Ham Radio control (CAT) program is a highly generic presenting the user to the same graphical user interface regardless of which radio is being controlled.

Software supports the most commonly used CAT commands and integrates well with other ham radio programs. Works with practically all known (and unknown) amateur radios.


GRig offers you a simple, fast and easy to use graphical interface to your radio. And it offers you the same user interface regardless of what kind of radio you are using. GRig will not try to mimic the look and feel of a particular radio front panel, instead it tries to offer you an ergonomical graphical user interface.

Don't let the simple user interface fool you. Beneath it there is robust and scalable architecture that has been designed for smooth, near-real-time user experience.

Below you can find a description of the most significant features of Grig.


Most applications will give you a tuning-knob on the screen as primary frequency control device. While a tuning knob is a great thing on the front panel of a radio, it is really useless in a software application. Just try to imagine sweeping the 15 meter band using a software tuning knob and a mouse as a primary control device. Tuning with Grig is much easier! You simply click on the frequency digit you whish to change. Clicking with the left mouse button will increase the value by one, while clicking with the right button will decrease the value by one. The middle button will reset the digit to 0. Of course you can also use the mouse wheel to take many repetitive steps. The size of the tuning steps is no longer an issue since you can click on any digit, be that 10Hz or 1MHz.

Main Window:

The main window gives you access to the most common functions including frequency, mode, filter and AGC controls. Besides being the most common, these CAT commands are available on most radios with CAT capability.

Radio Info Dialog:

The info dialog gives you a quick overview of the CAT capabilities of your radio. The info dialog is accessible from the menu bar via the Radio menu.

Receiver Level Controls:

GRig supports most of the available level settings for both RX and TX.

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